Driven by a passion for creating memorable events, we provide a collaborative team of event specialists and expertise to deliver an event experience that is beyond unique.

Our ability to engage communities is what sets us apart, supported by the project management expertise and attention to detail which are essential for innovative events which reach far beyond expectations.

The Wairarapa Awards

When the Mayor says you’ve delivered by far the best awards evening they’ve ever attended, you know you’re doing something right!

If that also happens to be an event that people have talked about staging for years, without anyone having the courage to take up the challenge, then you can take great satisfaction from selling out the biggest venue in the region in the first two years of an event that has quickly established itself as the highlight of the calendar.

Wellington Botanic Garden 150th Anniversary

Celebrating 150 years of history in one of the most iconic locations in Wellington is a huge responsibility, but the community engagement generated by the year-long programme of events made it all worthwhile.

Regular visitors, newcomers and overseas tourists turned out in their thousands to enjoy a showcase of these wonderful gardens.

Business Wairarapa

How do you invigorate an incorporated society that is perceived to be old, pale and grey?

Promote were contracted to inject new energy into an organisation focused on business advocacy, training and networking, and responsible for 460+ individual members from over 210 organisations.

It was a big challenge, but we took it on, repositioning the organisation with a more diverse membership, especially with female, millennial and Māori audiences.

We significantly lifted the profile of the organisation across all channels, in particular social media, radio and print. Our improved member engagement saw 30% increase in attendance at events and reversed the decline in membership, resulting in a 10% rise overall.

Huri Huri Summer of Cycling

Hundreds of cyclists raising many thousands of dollars for a charity that is often overlooked was just one of the wonderful outcomes from this programme of cycling-related events.

BMX clinics with some of New Zealand’s leading riders, opportunities to cycle private tracks in some of the most beautiful parts of the region and events for the youngest members of the family all combined to raise the profile of the region as the number one destination for both serious and recreational cyclists.

BioBlitz Go!

In the time-poor and device-driven era in which we live, it’s so easy to ignore the wonders of the natural world that are all around us.

BioBlitz Go! turned this world upside down for hundreds of local schoolchildren, as they embarked on an intense 24 hours of biological surveying in an attempt to record all the living species within a designated area. They learnt from scientists, naturalists and volunteers, taking part in a major field study which changed their view of the world forever.